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"I'm not crazy, the worlds crazy!"

Real love, don't believe it, Nothing but lies...

They call me Chayna
20 August
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16 candles, 1980's, 80's music, afi, aim, alkaline trio, all american rejects, annoying, apples, audrey hepburn, beach, bilbo baggins, bitch, bitting, black kite of death, books, bowling, boys, brand new, brown clouded buffalo, bsb, bubbles, buster, candles, candy canes, captian winkey, cheese, cheesecake, chicken, chicken pot pie, christmas, cindy lauper, clouds, computers, cookie totes, country music, crazy hos, damian kulash, death, disney land, dorks, drums, duct tape, dvds, elf, emo glasses, fairly oddparents, fall, fall out boy, fire, flock of seaguls, food, french bread, friends, fun, funny, funny faces, george, grapes, gum, gumby, guys, hal sparks, halloween, high school football hero, how sad, hubble space telescope, hummers, inside jokes, jelly beans, jesus, jimbo, jokes, kill hannah, kitty, laughing, law and order, lazyness, licking, life, lonestar, matchbook romance, matches, maxeen, mest, mints, monkeys, moons, movies, music, my fair lady, nail polish, naked, nerds, night time, ok go, orange, paperclips, pat benatar, penguines, phone, pictures, pirates of the carrabean, pixies, precious cheddar, pumpkin, puppies, rain, rancid, randomness, rays, reading, revenge of the nerds, rich vos, rocks, sarcasm, scaring people, silly, silly goose, silly sally, sleeping, space, spice girls, stars, stole your woman, story writing, stuff, summer, talking, talking loud, tape, tears, the goonies, the sound of music, the used, thinking, ties, tom petty, tony, trisha yearwood, trix, typing, vacation, video cameras, video games, water, weird guy, wowza, yellowcard, your mom